Follow @Rchendkid Blood Stains The Colisuem Doors
Blood Stains The Colisuem Doors
Silence speaks when words can't...Inspiration is Key !
Blood Stains The Colisuem Doors
5k in one day circa 12’
art dealer
styletruism91: : Who loves Hennessey? Better yet who doesn’t? What do you get when you fuse cognac with a bucket hat?You get the “YACKET”, REKNYC’s 2nd addition to their Hennessey inspired headwear. Be on the lookout for this must have for our cognac lovers as we will keep you updated with info on the release.
Here is the spot: This was a write up someone else wrote for the yacket…
Rch End Kid is the shorthand form of Rich Enlightened Kid as a byproduct of what an idea looks like once it takes shape in reality. RchEndKid is James Jones branding himself. He specializes in making clothing, accessories, and graphic design. Our (Rch End Kid’s) main goal is to add decadence and depth with our pieces. Every success story starts out with a rich idea. Born in the North East side of the Bronx and growing up in Freeport, NY provided Jones a diverse view of how the people around him interacted with fashion. Now residing in Queens, Rch End Kid allows him the creative freedom to put those ideas to work inside the industry. Henny Snapback, Retail Price: $40.00 

Quick shoot for my brother @rchendkid henny buckets dropping today at 12pm #wethebrand

It’s coming just wait on it. 1627™


Support the movement #cancerplus1 @cancerplus1 download the app … Read up … We all know someone that’s been thru it … Let’s make a change. #ripgma

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